Simple songs for earth-based ceremonies & healing work


altar with candle and feather
Photo: Shamanic Shift. Creative Commons license

Here's a collection of songs that we've created and shared in our drumming circle.  We offer them here in hopes that other circles will incorporate them into your earth-honoring ceremonies, celebrations, and healing work.

We have grouped the songs according to how we use them (for example, opening and closing the circle). 

We offer these songs through a Creative Commons license.  You are free to download and use them for non-commercial purposes. If you have a commercial use in mind, contact us for permission: renayount9[at]

 Here's a songbook with sheet music and lyrics.  We'd enjoy hearing how you're using these songs.  The songs are by Rena Yount unless otherwise noted.


Songs for casting a circle, inviting the spirits.


Songs for closing the ceremony, thanking the spirits

Honoring the elements

Earth, air, fire and water

Words by Rena Yount; music by Kay Yount

Lyrics by Kay Yount; Melody by Julia Ecklar. Used with permission

Seasonal or Daily Songs

Words by Rena Yount; music by Rena and Kay Yount

Words by Kay Yount; music by Kay and Rena Yount

Allies in healing

      Animal, plant, and elemental helpers

Song for the green growing ones

More songs